I am René. I’m an internationally working creative from Vienna, Austria. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Film-, Theatre- and Media Studies and I was educated in filmmaking and directing at FAMU, the National Film School of the Czech Republic and one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools in the world. 

More importantly though, I have been making films since the age of 12 … no, wait … actually, if you count documentary filmmaking, I have stalked people with cameras ever since my father gave me a VHS camcorder for Christmas in 2000, when I was six years old.

When it comes to storytelling you could go even further back: I have immersed myself in my own made-up stories ever since I can remember. The picture on the left, for instance, shows little me acting out my own, alternative version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Not only through the example of Shakespeare have I come to appreciate early on that a good story, as opposed to the storyteller, never dies. – It lives on through its telling. I consider myself a person who, through all the areas of work I have listed on this website, keeps stories alive and shares universally true human emotions and experiences.

And when I die, the stories will not. Why?

Because someone else will wrap a tablecloth around their shoulders and put leaves on their head to tell them.